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Short way of saying you're killing yourself. A euphemism for suicide. Usually not in a serious context.
"If Donald Trump wins the reelection then I'm committing."
by mamiypapi January 21, 2017
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The more modern form of 'dating', where one person asks another to be their boyfriend of girlfriend, and then from that point they think they're in love. There are tons of hurt feelings in the event of an early break off, as well as a late one. Unlike traditional dating where the two may decide not to see each other after a few dates.
"Will you go out with me?"
"Awesome! I love you."
"I love you too"

"Dude, what happened between Angela and Mark?"
"They broke up. I told them committing was a bad idea, but they didn't listen."
by MultiKillJeZeus September 11, 2011
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committing is a rare occurence in which the person committing cums, vomits, and shits themselves in a convulsive manner. Usually done after participating in some hideous act as in sleeping with an ugly girl or seeing someone doing something that warrants the convulsive act.
Dude: Guy last night i slept with this hideous bitch!
Guy: What did you do?
Dude: I looked at her and committed all over the place.
Guy: Legendary committing action!!!
by kitchenkrew July 31, 2009
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