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A painful condition caused by leaning foward while sitting on a couch for a prolonged period of time. Normally comes from playing games such as Mario Kart Wii and any NFS game, where you play Wi-Fi for too long or get in a long pursuit. The remedy is simple, stop playing, stand up, (if you can) stretch, and if you have to, take off your pants.
Other conditions that may accompany gamer's waist include; Gamer's Thumb- Painful, red, possibly concave mark on your thumb. Gamer's Wrist/Gamer's Hand- A cramp that comes from holding a controller the wrong way, the feeling may remain for the entire day. Gamer's Flashback Syndrome- When you close your eyes you can still see the game, comes from playing late at night. And finally, Gamer's Foot- What happens when you play Cod4 for extended periods of time, especially during Wi-Fi matches.
by A7X forever July 21, 2010
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In 1970 when it came out, it was ok, then it became a shitty little faggot car between 1984 and 2001. '97 and '99 were the worst years, however, they've looked nice since then. Now days, when ever you see a civic from the 90's, it tends to have a front bumper, driver door, hood, and fenders that don't fit and aren't the same color. Usually red BBS wheels, an exhaust mark on what's left of the rear bumper, and you can hear the muffler sound a mile away, literally.
A Honda Civic simply can't make it over a speedbump in my neighborhood, they bottom of the car would fall apart!
by A7X forever September 15, 2010
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Metroid Other M is the latest installment in the Metroid game series. Metroid Other M takes place after Super Metroid. Samus is flying her ship when she encounters a distress call codenamed 'baby's cry'. She flys to a huge space station called the Bottle Ship, where she meets her former commanding officer Adam Malkovich and the 7th Platoon which she used to fight with. You will play through 3 sectors and also 2 extra ones called Main Sector, (where you begin) and Sector Zero, (where the game ends.) Sector 1 is a jungle, sector 2 is snow, and sector 3 is lava. *SPOILER ALERT* Eventually you meet a girl name Madelin Bergman or MB for short, who is a witness to a murder... one of the members on you platoon is a traitor. Anthony Higgs, a long-time friend of Samus, is thrown into the lava by Ridley, but miraculously survives. It is eventually discovered that the Galactic Federation is creating metroids to use them as a weapon. Adam Malkovich gives his life to save Samus, they have had a rough past. She was rebellious during her days in the Federation, and at the end of each briefing, Adam would say, "No objections, right lady?" Members would give a thumbs up if they understood and agreed with the briefing, but Samus gave a thumbs down. Samus makes it out fine and so does Anthony.
Metroid Other M is a must-buy game!
by A7X forever September 7, 2010
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Something to shock and disgust the person you said it to. Say it to a guy, they will die laughing. Say it to a girl... you will never have sex.
stupid guy: *goes for walk* "hi Amy! CRAP FILLED VAGINA!!!"
Amy: "You and your dick are going to die sad and alone.
by A7X forever September 8, 2010
Possibly the most hilarious episode of South Park, in which Eric Cartman has tourettes syndrome. He is in a toy store and he hears a boy saying things like, "DUMB SHIT!!! COCK! DAMNIT FUCK! SHIT!!!" and he realizes how wonderful it would be to be able to swear without getting in trouble. "COCK! ASSHOLE! PUSSY ASSHOLE!! DICK LICKER CUMBALLS! ASS PUSSY! DICK, COCK, BLOODY VAGINAL BELTCH!
by A7X forever August 30, 2010
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if you don't plan on getting this game, i recomend suicide. i got mario galaxy 1 earlier this year, and beat the game in 4 days. i've almost got all the power stars, however mario galaxy 2 offers much more of a challenge. so please, fucking do the world a favor and get the game!
guy1:"hey, are you gonna get super mario galaxy 2?"
guy 2:"no, mario is for assholes."
guy1: "AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" *goes into fit of rage* *shoots him*
by A7X forever May 31, 2010
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The day we mourn the massive losses from 9/11, and want to kill every Islamic assbag in the world. It should be especially interesting in Gainsville, Florida... This year is the 10th anniversary, and on Sept. 11, there is a huge football game in Gainsville. I'm not hoping for anything, but think about what could happen. To double the threat, a pastor in the same area is holding, 'Burn a Koran Day'. This guy doesn't think right, HE INVITED TERRORISTS TO COME! WHY THE FUCK WOULD HE DO THAT?! He's not a true pastor, he just spews bullshit all over Islam. I don't blame him, but it makes him look bad, especially given the fact people look up to him. I'm not kidding, this guy is fucking crazy.
On September 11, I think I'll buy an American Flag to put, (respectfully of course) on my wall instead of making the people who can kill us angry.
by A7X forever September 8, 2010
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