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A penis that grows smaller as it becomes erect.
"I was really looking forward to getting to know him in the biblical sense. Sadly, it quickly became apparent that he was rocking a Chegwin."
by NecroDomicon January 28, 2018
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To use comic material developed by another comedian, attempting to pass it off as your own. Often done without giving the other comedian credit for it, especially on the internet.
I just tweeted an awesome one liner, but I'm afraid someone might Chegwin it.
by MikeSynonymous October 22, 2010
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To secrete alchohol outside one's home to be consumed away from friends and relatives in secret... often whilst walking the dog or 'going for some fresh air'.
"Casper? Thy's not getten a Kestrel at all - your Judd's told me - yer Mam caught yer ovver t' wreck wi' some Diamond White... we all know's you Chegwin!"

(From "Kes... t' Director's Cut")
by Neil Baxter September 23, 2005
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An alternative term for the Hoodie, believed to have originated from Australia.
News article: Shoppers flock to Bluewater after Chegwin ban.
by Clegg Thurston February 03, 2008
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An exclaimation of anger, disappointment and generally being upset.
Much to my chegwin, my children have been abducted and turned into a fine meat paste.
by Jon May 20, 2003
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