The act of walking around with your penis hanging out of your pants
“Dude you know your dicks hanging out”

“Ya, I’m just walking the dog if I don’t tire him out now he’ll be up all night.”
by Alibaster Slim August 6, 2012
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: The act of taking your pet dog on a
walk in the great outdoors.
: To fondle one's penis.
: To fondle someone else's penis.
: Something to say when one doesn't
want one/others to know that they
are about to smoke out of their
1. Hey Bob, you need me to go walk the dog?
2. Bob, I'm walking the dog can u give me a minute!
3. Bob you need help on walking the dog?
4. Be back in a sec, gotta go walk the dog.
by kdv June 28, 2005
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It means giving head, eating a girl out, or eating pussy, the song 'walkin the dog' by Rufus Thomas (also covered by the Stones) has lyrics indirectly making references to felacio.
"i was walking the dog for days before i smashed her out!"
by sacto May 24, 2008
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