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Another word for a pacifier, comforter or security blanket, but it can be used as a metaphor. Originating from the comic strip Peanuts, the character Linus is always holding his blanket for protection. His dependence has lead to this being a pop-culture reference to all such objects in relation to those who need them.

The term became a lot more popular after the term was used by Simon Pegg in an early episode of the hit TV sitcom Spaced.
"Does the convenience storekeeper really need that Baseball bat under the counter?"

"Not really, it's just a Linus Blanket, he'll never use it!"
by MikeSynonymous February 18, 2010

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The ultimate moment of opportunity, just before it is too late. Sometimes last minute is actually too little too late, but most of the time in underdog situations the last minute is a great time to accomplish goals
"I'm making a last minute dash to the shop before it closes, does anyone need anything?"
by MikeSynonymous March 09, 2012

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1.When something, usually an intangible concept or idea, is completely over manipulated and fiddled with. If an artistic creation is remixed and over edited auto-tuned and sped up to a point where the original content is completely aborted.

2.Also a twitter hashtag meaning the over use of hashtags within a post to draw more attention and followers. In a self referential and apologetic about it kind of way only a really narcissistic person might do.
1."Have you heard the latest re-mix of this song?"

"Yeah, but I didn't like it, it sounded too overhashed!"

"Maybe, yeah, I think I know what you mean!"

2."I saw this #funny #video just now www.shrtn.url it's so #crazy #funnyvideo #viralvideo #funtimes #leekspin #youtube #boredom #Overhashed"
by MikeSynonymous February 26, 2010

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The term that will probably come to define the latest decade, from 2010 to 2019. This is due to the word's already infamous cultural significance among geek kind, see eleventy . Another chance for the internet kind to overwhelm popular culture with our nonsensical whimsical ways.
Back in the Eighties , Nineties and the Noughties I was a nobody, now in the Eleventies I can become a somebody!
by MikeSynonymous January 30, 2010

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A joyous occasion when six or more crumpets are prepared per person. Preferably buttered, hot and crispy (maybe with a little grilled sugar). This is usually the result of somebody suggesting Crumpet Mayhem (usually due to an over-abundance of crumpets due to them being on special offer). The crumpets are consumed by all and enjoyed, as crumpets are loved by all.
"I'm hungry, anybody got any ideas for a good munchies?"...

..."What about Crumpet Mayhem! We got loads of crumpets and butter because they were half price, we could even sprinkle sugar on top?"...

..."Sounds great, let's get the grill on!"
by MikeSynonymous February 11, 2010

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An interactivist is somebody who takes part in virtual activism on the internet, this is known as interactivism. Either through blogging or social media, petitions or hashtags, the spreading of ideas on the internet is becoming more and more effective.
I had Facebook apprehension so I signed an online petition through Facebook to get them to protect our privacy, and they changed their privacy policy! I'm an interactivist!
by MikeSynonymous October 06, 2010

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