The act of a woman putting melted cheese into her vajin by putting a cheese wheel between each vaginal lip(properly known as each "labium") and then giving oral till it is melted. Once melted, during the orgasm the cum shot that follows will exert pressure on the cheese blocking the canal causing a cheesy cum shot, serving a mean fondue for the other participant.

This move was originated in ancient egypt while the pyramids were being built, it is still in use and it is still used today and has been slightly modernized to keep it up with the times.
At the 5 o'clock, Claudia J. Sfinkt had almost put out Winston's eye with her cheese melt.
by The Claude February 24, 2009
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noun- The cheese melt is a refined art of shaming, a cheese melt is constituted by removing ones pants and undergarments, layering thinly sliced cheese pieces along their ass crack, and using some method of heat (a lighter is recommended) to melt the cheese along their ass crack. Please note all rules and regulations regarding shaming apply to the cheese melt with the exception that the person recieving a cheese melt must be the first person to pass out.
The next time Arjun pass's out I am going to give him a chees melt.
by Bodelle April 20, 2005
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Referring to a person who constantly and sometimes unintentionally just annoys the fuck out of the people they are around. Implies that they melt your head.
Joe: ah no, look who just arrived!
Mitch: Shit, that lad is such a Ham and Cheese Melt!
by tackleroneill March 21, 2011
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To melt someone cheese: one must raise their hand into the air, spread their finger and thrust it into a mirrored hand held up by someone else. This term is more referred to in the vernacular as "High Five"
to melt cheese:
Howard melted Frank's cheese after he scored the winning goal
by Mr. McMan999 June 17, 2011
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When a man cums in a pan and pours it on a woman's face after boiling it!!!
Wow Tim, I didn't expect your world famous melted cheese to leave burn marks on my face!!!
by Melted cheese March 19, 2016
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The act of applying warm cheese spread as a substitute for lube, commonly used in the winter. Popular cheeses used include; Brie, Wensleydale, Gorgonzola and Baby Bells.
Judith I can't get in you're icing over, apply the melted cheese spread.
by Golden graham July 1, 2015
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the situation where a man suffers from a male yeast infection and proceeds to melt his dick in a waffle iron
by duncan mcleod February 22, 2009
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