Another word for Dick or acting/doing something completely stupid.
“ No! I forgot my phone at my side chicks crib!”

“ Dude that‘s a Gorgonzola move right there.“

“ Hey babe, how about you come melt this Gorgonzola “
by Jmart.z November 04, 2019
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Gorgonzola is a sort of catch phrase used when cock blocking. It is typically said in one of 3 ways;

1) Just before the cock blocking.

2) Just after the cock blocking.

3) When surprising someone through the act of cock blocking. When in this form, it is said in a loud raspy voice.

It originates from the cheese and town of the same name. Strangely, however, there is no link to these original definitions other than the name.
Thirsty Male: "Hey, baby. Did you sit on a pile of sugar? Cuz you got a sweet a--"

*Man jumps out from bushes*

by N.K.R.T-SSL October 21, 2014
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A chicks rack. Usually describes a really nice rack.
Dude! Did you see Barbara's gorgonzolas??!?! I wanna bury my face in them!
by legalize_it January 15, 2010
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Similar to a meatball sub, this phrase is used to describe an extra juicy insertion by a gronk or kyle.
"Bruh, did you see kyle meatball gorgonzola that bitch"
by Muffinmanseudonym August 22, 2019
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Used in reference to something which is totally useless.
A bull with tits is about as useful as a gorgonzola ball.
by EviLEgg October 07, 2010
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The Ballad of Gorgonzola the Grumpy Elf is a made name of a Christmas Carol just to see if people would choose something they have never heard of or try and look up what it was online, only to find it here.
We tried to google " The Ballad of Gorgonzola the Grumpy Elf " only to wind up on this pointless webpage and then we had to give Mr. Trey a Lump of Coal.
by Mr. Trey December 14, 2020
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