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A beautiful shy girl. With the most unique smile ever! A intelligent girl who's there when you need her. You'll fall under her spell once you get to talk to her! Her sweet gentile shy voice is perfect. Her big eyes make your heart melt. She's just an awsome person to be with and can sometimes be a feisty one lol. Just become very close friends with her and she will ease up and be herself around you. Once she's 100% comfortable around you she's one crazy girl';)

I LOVE you beautiful<33
I wish I had a Judith as a girl friend!

Want a true relationship? Find a Judith!!
by That.gamer June 05, 2014
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Judith is a one of a kind woman who is quite intelligent with a pure heart (a princess maybe?). She is usually funny but can be scary if you mess with her. She is easily irritable and envious but deep down inside, she often places others before herself, she holds her loved ones close to their hearts especially their friends which makes her the best kind of friend to rely on. She is a savage and will crack unbelievably cringy jokes if you know her well. She can be shy and anti-social but most of the time, she wants to make new friends. Mostly energetic and talkative. Also love the outdoors and is extremely active in sports/charity. Judith(s) aren't afraid to stand up for what they think is right and what they believe in. She also likes to be neat and organized. A "Judith" is mostly cooperative, generous and warm. She never fails to surprise anyone and is always on time (or early), never late. Extremely good listener but might not give the best advice. She loves spending time with family and friends. Judith(s) are the type to volunteer at animal shelters because she has a special place in her heart for animals.
Person 1: Judith is so annoying
Person 2: She's such a sweet girl. You're not though.
by skdccblsxjvjrjsj December 28, 2016
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Judith is one of the prettiest girls you will ever meet shes kind and cool and will always be there for you when you need her she is super intelligent and smart
by lovable J January 31, 2017
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A woman to be reckoned with.

She has her head screwed on right and is willing to fight those with Rectal Cranial Inversion, or what is more commonly known as, those with their heads up their ass.

A fearless heroine. Judith is a classic example of the courage of local people fighting against tyrannical rule. History's best known Judith decapitated Holofernes, an invading general, then took his severed head back to her countrymen, so as to inspire them to stand up and fight for themselves.

She is what all little girls should aspire to be. She is the equivlant of Auntie Mame, seeking to share adventure and knowledge while despising the narrow minded, the selfish and the bigoted.
She is one tough bird who is not afraid of an uphill battle.

Judith is a beautiful yet fearsome creature. Be warned she is scrappy and will not back down from fighting words
With vanishing forests, rising ocean levels, fewer birds, and corrupt govornment and big business what this world needs is more Judiths.
by svelby February 08, 2010
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Girl next door type with a pleasant sense of humor, often passed over by foolish men despite her many often reserved, yet highly desirable qualities.
>Now that Tim's finally over that controlling slag, I hear he's gotten together with the Judith girl.
>Thats good, she always seemed really nice, I'm happy for him.
by Jeatwh March 09, 2009
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Judith is a young and courageous woman who has been bullied and intimidated by many. She is consistently victimized by insecure and possessive individuals and has been given only few opportunities to learn and grow in an environment that supports her. She enjoys maths and statistics and is a wizz at social business and is very attuned to human rights and empowerment.
Person #1; Omg that poor girl, she doesn't even know what her 'friends' have been doing to her all these years
Person #2; I know, its a shame, she is so strong.
Person #1; I wonder if we can help her?
Person #2; I don't know if we can though... She must really enjoy being tortured. Lets leave her. I don't have the money or time to support her.

Person #1; ey, its too much work, plus these kids these days are so ungrateful.

And they walk away leaving Judith, once again, to fend for herself.
by DTRUTH August 09, 2017
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