If a tramp and a junkie had a kid your result would be a chav. Male chavs think they are roadmen and are generally are head to toe in Nike or Adidas tracksuits and to top it of, a pouch/man bag and a fag in there hand that they stole from their mums purse. Female chavs are some of the tackiest people you will ever meet. They are the type of people who wear tight jeans and scimpy tops in which their tits hang out and never leave the house without 5 metre long ugly coloured acrylics that look like they're about to have a sword fight with their nails. If you ever see a group of chavs in public the most likely place you will have seen them is the local McDonald's ( which seems to be their second home ), at the back of the bus or in the park screaming and shouting at eachother in thier wired chavy accents ( which can be hard to understand ) and a bottle of cheap vodka and a couple of fags on the table. If you live anywhere in englans then you can relate to seeing this all the time 😂
Person:Ew your such a chav
Chav: nah I ain't babe what the f**k you on about chatting bare s**t I ain’t done nuffink love say that to me one more f**king time and I swear to god imma band you babe if you ever try swingin at me you better watch your f**king back mate, you know what I’m sayin ye.

Person: ??🤦 ♀️
by Louis c June 25, 2018
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Someone who thinks they are a criminal and want everyone to fear them. They speak only slang and make up other words like ‘wagwan’ and ‘mandem’ and ‘pengting’ they are also usually British and curse a lot.
Chav: “wagwan bois yah looking pengting

Chav 2: *whispers* “what a chav thinking he’s all hard I would well batter him”
by STDD___333 November 16, 2019
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A girl/boy who think they hard because they were too much fake tan and ride their bikes on the street the girls think there bare peng sticking their tongues and butts out cos they think they got big back the boys think their the shit cos they wear masks and ride their bikes Around The place like they in some fucking gang

They’ll get there olders on you if they don’t like ya cos they can’t fight for shit and need somebody else to do it for them

Them girls got them thick ass eyebrows and think they look cute when they really look like slags who need to pattern up
“Why she so orange
Cos she’s a chav
by Haydyn November 24, 2019
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Can be an absolute slag or an absolute druggie neither are good avoid these people at all costs
by NI Rants November 03, 2019
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