A self-satisfied lowly dick/wanker face whose sole purpose in life is to cause chaos. In Northern England, this word is used commonly as an insult.
After repeatedly impersonating women over the phone in order to scare others, Ryan was dubbed the local 'chav' of the greater Seattle area...
by outhereforasec December 01, 2019
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A chav, or more commonly known as a retard is one who eats only at places that are near free. Example: a bin. They wear only tracksuits and select fabric that they find that has at least:
-Been worn 40 times (minimum)
-Been run over by a car that has been stolen
-Had spilt food on it
-Was made in a country they think is a city

A typical chav, would go around, spitting on people because it marks their territory. Eat at McDonalds for nearly every meal, except when they get paid (by stealing) and actually pay for their meal.

A male chav is incredibly bad tempered and rapes the nearest female when he is ready, usually at the age of 12-15.

A female chav is always looking for a mate. As soon as she is born she tries to wear thongs infront of fellow chavs and lose her virginity at the age of 11-13. If she hasn't, her parents will spank her until she is forced to say 'I will not rob McDonalds for a month.

Chavs usually use insults such as 'DICKHEAD' and 'BELLEND' without actually knowing what it means. They tend to live in the back gardens of those on holiday or in someone's unused room without them knowing. Their natural habitat is a bin.
The chav population in an alley is impossible to count, as there is too many.
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by I'm Teh Rel Big Shaq Ting November 06, 2017
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A person that is similar to a roadman and always carries a pocket knife in their pockets and also are near extinction
John:yo Jamie is such a chav man Boris:(says ikr really loudly) Jamie is such a chav like. Jamie: come here for a second lads........(proceeds to shank them with his rusty pocket knife and pours acid on them both) now stop taking a mick out of me pricks,Jamie said
by Dog_food_with_chunks_is_gud November 01, 2019
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Part of that 10% of the population a sensible person wants to run over.
Look at those chavs on their bicycles, with their bad attitudes, lack of insight, and inaudible slang. Boy would I like to run them over in a Dodge Ram whew
by rupert_mcgee October 05, 2020
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A horrifying species who reside in Britain. Often to be found in their main habitat- outside MacDonalds or in school spraying their Victoria's secret spray and choking half the class. To this day they have not learned how to apply makeup properly and can often be found wearing almost a whole bottle of bronzer. They also seem to think slug eyebrows look good. To summarise, if you are ever unfortunate enough to meet one, good luck and R.I.P
1. "Mate you know Sarah? She's such a chav. I'm scared to go near her cuz she might slap me with that messy bun of hers"
2. I'm scared I might get infected with the chav disease. Chav-itis is almost as bad as Corona Virus
by JOE_DAD February 28, 2020
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A chav is a youth typically aged 11-17 that think they are the dogs bollocks. They have poor, antisocial behaviour and mainly hang around in town centres or villages

Male chavs often wear Adidas and Nike tracksuits or wear crappy black puffer jackets. They also may have a Nike manbag and a fake gold chain. They also have black nike air max as shoes. They all have the same fucking skin fade haircut. Women tend to wear puffer jackets or red coats, blue denim jeans, white Adidas or converse shoes and wear makeup such as foundation that makes them look like an orange along with mascara and red eye makeup. They also have blonde hair up in a high ponytail

Chavs like to hang out in groups of five or more picking on anyone who isn’t classed as a “chav”. They like to ask around for “burn” or cigarettes. When denied cigarettes, the chav will have a fit and will nag you to give them one. They like picking fights with anyone who gives them the slightest bit of attitude. They will claim you are getting “chopsy” with them. They also like shit grime music such as Stormzy

Chavs love drugs. They typically smoke weed, take pills, snort cocaine and take MDMA. They also like to steal from shops or other people for money or tobacco.

They tend to speak like uneducated 6 year olds using slang such as “bruv”, “fam”, “baht”, “Ghee” which is annoying to hear. They also date girls because they’re “in it for the shag” and boast about it to their fellow chavs.

Also known as scally
Chav sentences
“Got any burn Ghee, nah bruv I know you’ve got some burn”
“Got a rizla and a tip”
“Oh mate I shagged this fit bird yeah”
“Don’t fucking chopse me bruv I’ll kick your head in yeah”
“Fucking pussyo
“Peng ting fam”
by Sk3ptical.jay December 08, 2019
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