Coolest people in the word, but they can not spell...
wow those hunts are kool...
by Jeff Hunt March 03, 2005
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The worst, bland ketchup that ever was made. The archrival of the H.J. Heinz Co.
Pittsburgher 1: He just used hunts on his burger

Pittsburgher 2: Must be one of those queefs from Cleveland.

Pittsburgher 1: Pass the Heinz.
by The Pittsburgher October 08, 2004
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Someone of a not too respectable background that is an awesome wingman and plays dungeons and dragons on the weekends while enjoying working hard during the week at whatever he/she does especialy if in the service of the military.
I might pull an all out hunt tonight.
by doughnut1986 August 15, 2008
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When some people play GTA3, they only Hunt black people. Thus, hunts were born
by mateo May 05, 2004
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