a guy who hangs in public bathrooms trying to look at your penis
For having 10 empty urinals the damn bird watcher had to come pee right next to me.....
by mademan007 August 8, 2008
A man who claims to be straight but everyone knows he sleeps with men.
He's a bird watcher, he's seen a cock or two before.
by Nico xo! February 15, 2008
A guy who is dating a girl with a bird nose. Kinda looks like big bird.
Damn look at the beak on that bitch?
Yea man that dude is a "bird watcher"
by hcaz1988 April 21, 2009
Bird Watchers are federal agents who are watching drug dealers that move keys of cocaine (also known as birds)
Yo I heard the bird watchers got you under surveliance.
by G.B.C. May 22, 2006
Person (most commonly a male person) who openly and chronically observes other male penises in public places.
(Typically after someone pisses you off, instead of calling them a "fag" or something"...Dude, you're being such a god damn birdwatcher!!!!!!!!!!
by Anthony Verrecchio January 11, 2003
When some asshole tries to cut in front of a long line of cars and the cars stay strong and refuse to let said car in. Then many of the motorists "flip the bird" to said asshole.
That idiot tried to cut in at the front and became a bird watcher when all the cars went by and flipped him off.
by Spaceman Sobchak November 8, 2011
The act of a Fox observing Birds while they rest in their nest.
Look! I see a bird watcher observing them as they do their bird homework!
by Bird Keeper September 15, 2010