an annoying rude and obnoxious british person who can’t speak properly
u: you are a chav

by mrpeetatohead October 26, 2019
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Put simply, it stands for council house and violence. A police term for the ones who they had to deal with the most.

They have some form of income, but it's small. This is amplified from the benefits they're entitled to.

Usually seen driving a small hatchback, they are usually doing whatever they can do to up their money count to spend on the latest Adidas or Reebok tracksuit.

Some chavs evolve into what is known as an MC, where they can somehow get paid for speaking English only chavs can understand.

Speaking of the language, they seem to have created their own form of English that they use mainly. At a slow speed, this is actually able to be heard by regular people. To prevent normies from snooping in on their conversations, they speak much faster.

The culture of the chav has revolved around stores such as Sports Direct and JD. Usually seen wearing cheap tracksuits while listening to the superior MC's, such as Smally, Rockeye and Impulse. On average, a chav knows of 25 MC's. They are known to also consume large amount of alcohol, which they got in a multipack because it was cheaper. They also often smoke cigarettes that have been imported.

When not drinking or smoking or impregnating women, they can either be seen outside McDonalds, cheap burger vans, Tesco or anywhere that sells cheap meals. If they're lucky, they can get a minimum wage job.

An advantage of how they speak is that they can somehow understand Middle English better.
Chavs are the lowest of the low in terms of the current human.

Typical chav quotes:
"Fuck you mate"
"Oi ya 'nob'ead"
"I'll pick ya up and fuck at maccies"
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by WhyDoTheseExistNow May 30, 2020
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