Some ppl in my school
Some ppl in my school r chavs
by Heal September 26, 2020
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Girls named Harriet, where TN’s and puffer jackets. Also live in gosport.
Harriet is such a chav, she lives in gosport.
by MrFrickinCooldude69420 November 20, 2019
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A complete nonce who thinks their fucking big and proper rebels well win actuality their retarded cunts who go to their local KFC smoking thinking they look cool but they look like my fucking older sister

Most Chavs are usually kids and those kids smoke shit tons of cigarettes I mean what has the UK become?
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by Chavhater69 March 07, 2018
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A working class lad who wears a two-piece sport tracksuit and nike 270s. He carries his mum's kitchen knife because he thinks he's hard and shouts at McDonalds staff for forgetting to put another pickle In his Big Mac. He smokes shit weed on the daily and will tell you to go go suck your mum
"Look at that gang of chavs over there, they can't be up to any good"
by Snowflakemelter March 10, 2020
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adj. of or relating to chavs (particularly chavstyle).

The 'chav' look has its roots in the clothes worn by aspirational working-class youths. Often involving knock-off designer gear or premium spotswear (stolen) and a cheeky smile, chav style tries, but fails to conform to traditional affluent conceptions of 'what looks good'.

Chavvy dress evolved beyond the boundaries of a single social class when youngsters from affluent backgrounds began adopting the look in order to shirk their stuffy and privileged image.

Recently, the blatantly subversive character of chavs' clothes has itself become a desirable trait for the fashion-forward. Disregard for the wellfare of haût brands and irreverence toward the gospel of sophistication have resulted in new fashion trends rooted in chavstyle.
You look bare chav.
Those are some seriously chavvy garms.
by streetwize August 13, 2019
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