Basically a British hot cheetoh girl that is literally painted with foundation
I’m sorry we’re all out of foundation because the chavs cane to the store today
by Mairead Murray July 13, 2020
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a load of slags who wear too much makeup and carry around Victoria secret. The poor girl bloody stinks of it. They put about three bottles of fake tan on a night and end up looking like a satsuma. Every week they get a new boyfriend and when they break up she moves on in about a day. Her eyebrows are halfway up her forehead and lashes are commonly found in this species.
oi mate look at that peng one over there
are u kidding mate she is a rite chav
ino but I like chavs mate
by ellaxo December 21, 2019
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These are a unique specimen who come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They think they are hard just because their dads are banged up and their sisters are knocked up. One of the most popular type of chav is the ‘white roadman’. These chavs tend to meet on street corners and shout swear words very loudly. They wear a wide range of clothing, usually Puma or Adidas tracksuits in neutral tones such as grey, black or navy. They always stink of weed and one in three is a dealer. Chavs are not very picky about their women, as long as the girl is willing to do anything. Chavs usually end up getting at least four girls pregnant but won’t have anything to do with it. They usually have around six brothers and sisters all with names like Keegan, Kian, Kai, Kaylee, Kayla and Kelsie. They all live in a council house with an abandoned shopping trolley outside by the door and their pit bull or staffy.
Some chav language:
Chav 1: wag1 g
Chav 2: my guy what u sayin
Chav 1: rahhh kelsie’s preggers again

Chav 2: Ahh bless, I can do her a deal on some weed
by Keegan. But not a chav October 11, 2019
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well, chavs are usual teens or young adults and are the sort of people you don’t want to mix with. they smoke, do drugs, skip school, fail school etc. boys tend to where shitty caps 24/7 an girls tend to wear tight jeans to show off they’re non existing ass (which they would stick out in photos) as well low cut tops to show off their tits, but not too low cut so you can’t see their push up bra. girls have these messy, floppy buns on the top of their head and decide to sing along to chavvy music in their fake designer tops with their drawn on eyebrows but no other make up on snapchat. boys seem to wear hoodies as well as their caps as mentioned before. all the chavs seem to speak like, ‘bruh, i’ll bang your out bruv. nah mate, don’t be getting rude. you’re bare snakey man. i’m getting vexed, lowe it bro. alow it. me an ma g’s will come shank u ousside maccies bruv. mums, mums i’ll do it.’
speaking of ‘maccies’ or ‘mcdonald’s’, they always seem to be hanging around outside but don’t actually have enough money to go in.
chav 1: “bruv, if i giv yu the last fag, u best mums it you’ll gimme on tomo bro.”
chav 2: “yeh yeh bruv, truss.”
chav 3: “ew look at that rags girl man, she’s bare dog bruv.”
by trust me it’s true January 08, 2019
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Annoying English girls that think wearing caked makeup will cover up their acne and make their cheek bones ‘pop’. they usually do their hair in a messy fan bun and dress slutty so that older men will think they are mature. They always spray their Victoria secret shitty ass spray on someone who they think ‘stinks’ and they will make fun of the way you dress, act, speak or for just being you.
Person: omg did you see Becky’s makeup it’s so caked
Becky (Chav): ya makin foon of ma makeoop?! Do you wan me to bang you out?! Little bastard.
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by Hairypoppins November 10, 2019
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A chav is someone who likes to be like everyone else in the sense that they have the same fashion, manner and hair as them. Chavs are usually from the lower classes but can be found in middle class too. Often school children will turn into chavs when they try to be like the "cool kids" . Always getting detentions and never turning up to lessons .
She's such a chav, look at her bag.
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by HarrystylesisBAE123456789 November 13, 2018
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Girls named Harriet, where TN’s and puffer jackets. Also live in gosport.
Harriet is such a chav, she lives in gosport.
by MrFrickinCooldude69420 November 20, 2019
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