One could fairly describe Conan O'Brien as a lurid individual.
by Vacuum August 3, 2008
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The best damn BBQ Chef in town.
Can often be seen on bbq's with teh bear.
Likes cookies.
Lurid pwn @ teh bbq.
by Lurid March 22, 2005
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1. A barrel from Scrap Clicker 2 which is the 19th barrel you get.

2. A barrel from ScrapTD which is an air barrel but poses a huge threat at you when your adversary starts spamming it.
"I've finally reached Lurid Layered after 30 mindless minutes of grinding Scrap Clicker 2."

"I really hate Lurid Layered because this barrel always kills me and Airstrike is pathetically weak against it."
by AwesomeGamer22 January 14, 2023
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