When a person is charging someone,
the charger makes a move on their crush with the intent to gain attention from that person. This usually involves a lot of flirting and the goal is to have the feeling reciprocated by the chargee.
It is the precursor to hooking up/dating.
"Who does Jake like now?"
"He's definitely charging Natalie. Did you see the way he was all over her at that party?"
by oh dip! December 12, 2006
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To consume many cones from a bong containing marijuana in quick succession or short amount of time.
Guy: Hey bro! What's up? You been smoking?
Guy2: Yeah bro I've just been Charging!

Guy: Hey man come charge some cones with me!
by MabL August 17, 2011
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to be drunk as a fuck
he is yacking everywhere,how charged is he?
by Anonymous August 24, 2003
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Sufer Lingo Origin:

To persue an intimate relationship.

That chick is way hot...you should charge it!
by Justin Shane May 5, 2006
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to approach a prostitute with the intention of stealing her from her pimp or taking charge of her
Malibu charged that bitch Cha Cha.
by jerryekane May 4, 2003
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a phrase commonly used by people with charge accounts. what differentiates it from tab, is that it is a phrase generally used by people in higher income brackets.
that comes to $2,500. how would you like to pay today?
oh, just charge it.
of course. thank you very much.
by alex December 4, 2004
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