to get an erection, stiffy,boner, hard on, woody!
Im gonna catch a charge, lookin at all these girls!!!!
by Kung Fu Rick November 2, 2003
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Plugging your man parts into a woman. Or man, if your into that
I had fun charging your girl last night
by Z-Monee December 26, 2016
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after saying "damn yo hair is NAPPY!!' someone can say "aww...cuz...he charged you UP!!!'
by toto December 4, 2003
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A term used in the gay community to mean getting HIV. Going from being HIV- (negative) to HIV+ (positive) is getting charged up. Often used by bug chasers who want to get HIV.
Damn, that guy bred me, and I got charged up.
by Ben Singer September 23, 2006
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Look at it this way:
Phone and a charger
The phone is the woman and the charger is the man.
by Sridevi March 26, 2005
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to steal. This was used on me, on the school bus, in the 7th grade back in the 80's, although my Filas were never taken.
"Watch! I'm gonna charge him for them Filas!"
by shawdez August 5, 2008
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