last night krumples spent the night by the toliet. that's why we call her Mrs. Yack-Yack
by amanda September 07, 2003
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If you throw up Jack Daniels in a Spanish speaking country. In English you would Yack Jack, however Spanish people pronounce words starting with J as Y, hens Yack Yack.
(Dude throwing up Jack Daniels in Cancun when a local is around and sees)

Dudes Friend: Where did my buddy go?

Mexican Local: Oh, he Yack Yack Senior.
by Grieb Minzadian April 03, 2010
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I drank too much tonight, I just yacked behind his shed
by Vick March 06, 2005
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in referance the Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz song "Da Blow" where the hook states "the blow, the pills, the yack, the herb". The term "yack" is actually referring to cognac (pronounced: "cone-yack"). So in essence the song is referring to the blow (cocaine), the pills (ecstacy and/or pharmacutical), the yack (cognac), the herb (marijuana). Which covers all the most common methods of getting fucked up.
In less urban environments, the term is more commonly used to describe the act of vomiting.
noun: yack means congac
verb: yack means to vomit
Da blow, da pills, da yack, da herb... (repeat)
I drank too much, I think I'm gonna yack.
by hunnygrl420 July 25, 2009
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Abbreviation of Cognac - i.e. expensive Brandy. Alcoholic beverage
by Mutspelski February 15, 2005
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