When two people lay anus to anus, thus creating a blast of cosmic energy.
I'm not into spooning anymore ... let's just do some charging instead.
by Blue Waffler August 22, 2010
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i was on the charge all night man
by samsung January 20, 2006
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to run up to a girl when she is bent over and slam your dick in her ass
I "in charged" her last night
by dave February 24, 2004
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meaning it won't cost you anything
It's free! No charge. On the house! You don't have to pay a dime.
by DadSpaghetti September 24, 2019
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1) to be caught by the police with drugs then being put on probation by the court for the offense.
u want to hit this blunt?
naw man i caught a charge.

did u hear about ben. ya that sucks he caught a charge.
by urbanhero July 2, 2009
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