An term used to express sheer delight or impression to someone or something.
I had coconut prawns for dinner. Cha cha.
by Robin January 06, 2004
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a kind of salsa dance with moving your hips from side to side;often danced at fiestas with partners
Chloe danced the chacha at the fiesta
by Chloe F. June 04, 2005
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Chacha is a word that the mexicans use when they dont like the maid that they have.
"Muchacha" = Maid
"Chacha" = A high class reference to the maid.
"Muchacha" = Maid
"Chacha" = A high class reference to the maid.

The chacha is in my house cleaning the windows.
You are a chacha , your sandals sucks.
Your hair is like a Chacha's hair.
by alex712 April 08, 2006
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A woman who used to be a man (post-op). Also known as a mahoo. Individual Cha Chas tend to be attracted to 50 year old perverts and big-eared men who aren't sticking around. Also, they love celebrity gossip and rotund redheads.
Cha Cha totally went down on a male stripper. Then he spewed in her hand.
by DeltaShift January 22, 2011
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In Spanglish, Chicano, or Mexican American Slang, women who are Mexican American or dark complected that tend to put on a lot of make up to hide the fact that they are Mexican. They tend to over do the lighter complected make up to the point where it looks caked on.
Above that, Cha Cha's are lower in the hierarchy as Cholas in the Chicano Gang Culture of Los Angeles, California. Basically, it is a modern Malinche behavior that betrays his/her own Mesoamerican roots by trying to "cover up" their true identity.
Women that lose sight of what they really look like to the rest of the world and over do it with Make up.
Cha Cha's can be compared to the "Jersey Girl look" from the Bon-Jovi days of the 80's but add to that the fact that she's a Latina who cakes on the make up to look white.
Jessica Alba is half dutch and half Mexican, she does not want to be called a Latina and she cakes on the Make up like a "Cha Cha" to cover up her dark complexion.
by Chicana Feliz June 21, 2007
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a very hot mexican girl
one who can dance and is very exoctic.
tan and long dark hair.
one who all the boys want.
"who is that beautiful tan new girl?"
"oh, thats ChaCha"
by ChaCha92 May 21, 2009
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a informal dance tht mexicanos dance too=D
fredicko danced the chacha and got made fun of kuz he looked like an idiot
by jachobe jackson March 17, 2010
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