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when you're fucking someone in the ass and pull out so quickly it pulls their asshole inside out and it swells causing your dick to get caught inside, when trying to pull you're dick out it tickles her through the pain and she giggles like a jigglypuff.
bob :last night i had such an awkward experience
frank: why?
bob : sandra and i were getting it on and the jigglypuff happened.
frank: gross man.
by fallendemon1118 December 29, 2011
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A sexual act in which right before a male cums when receiving a blowjob he holds the females head down proceeding to ejaculate in her mouth till her cheeks puff up and she gets angry. Then once she starts yelling at the male he falls asleep.
Guy 1: What's up with Keirsten?
Guy 2: I hit her with the jigglypuff about a week ago, she was not amused...... Hasn't talked to me in a week... So worth it though.
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