A free cell phone service where the user texts any question to 242242 (chacha) and a live person searches the internet for the answer and then sends the answer to the person's phone.
Q: What is the population of the USA?
A: As of the 2000 census, the US population was 281,421,906. Thanks for asking ChaCha!
by AngrykittyNY July 11, 2008
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The coolest mobile SMS service on the planet. You can ask questions, get jokes and advice as well as play games -- all for free!
ChaCha question examples are:
Q: Does plaid go well with stripes
A: Yes, it is possible for stripes and plaids to go well together. However, you must pay careful attention to how you match them.
by Lori_145 June 5, 2009
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A stereotypical Hispanic woman usually wearing tight low-rise designer or knockoff jeans, skin-tight fitted long sleeve tee, multiple rings on both hands, large hoop or other gaudy earrings and bracelets, makeup is overdone with eyebrows completely removed and redrawn on in a very unnatural sperm-like way. A ChaCha's hair is either long, big and curly or tight in a bun with her bangs pronounced and curled under. A ChaCha usually can be found toting an large oversize knock-off purse and they often wear stiletto heels with the rest of this ensemble. Can be seen also be seen wearing all this garb walking down a street pushing a ratty baby carriage.
Did you see that ChaCha's eyebrows? She painted like a pissed off alien
by ElCideo December 10, 2009
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a very hot mexican girl
one who can dance and is very exoctic.
tan and long dark hair.
one who all the boys want.
"who is that beautiful tan new girl?"
"oh, thats ChaCha"
by ChaCha92 May 22, 2009
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A shitty ass service who pay their guides shit to work. They take advantage of their customers by giving out their information!
Thanks for using ChaCha!
by Brad Bostic September 7, 2008
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A Virgin Island term; For a person of both Anglo and Afro ancestry.
Similar to the American word "mix"

O' dat chacha boy! He frum Frenchtown, ya know
by Damiien October 2, 2007
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Brittney said oh yes fuck me there while having sex with paul chacha
by Hyperninja March 25, 2019
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