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A silly, somtimes rediculous guy who is Usualy very nice to everyone. Tends to know somthing about everything. He is fairly easily embarassed. he is also loving and

Honest and is very reliable.
Jordi is sooooo awesome.
by Lord Jordicus October 19, 2011
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The most ambitious, brave, caring, smart, funny and good hearted person I’ve ever met. He is a born fighter that wakes up everyday and chases his dreams trying to be his best version everyday. His dreams go further beyond a regular person’s dreams. He works for expanding the horizons of humanity and his creations have literally reached outer space. Lover of life, he enjoys feeling that rush of adrenaline when practicing extreme sports. A little reckless, extremely passionate and very, very romantic (sometimes a little pulpo), he falls into the stereotype of his homeland. Takes care of his family and his friends 24/7. He will never let you down and will offer his help before you have to ask. He adores and is respected at his job and he is just THE BEST at it. Have I mentioned he is the most caring person I’ve ever met? Heart of every party, making everyone cry from laughing. Loves efficiency and he is so perfectionist that he would make oat meal with perfectly sliced banana cuts and perfectly matching strawberry slices (of the same exact size). He has the most meaningful glanze I’ve ever seen. He can communicate a million words just with his eyes and also read how you’re feeling.

Definetly, you don’t just want to pass by his life. Stay close to him, and enjoy as much as you can of his company. Learn as much as you can from him. There’s no one like him.
To me, the most awesome person I’ve ever met.
Do you know Jordi? Everyone knows him. If you need to solve a problem quick and efficiently, just call Jordi.

Jordi is always late. He is even late to his own meetings!

That is so Jordi (as in bad ass)

Jordi, eres un pulpo...
by Little_Hake June 09, 2018
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A girl who is short, and the coolest person you have ever met.
Happiness is Jordi Shaped.
by Some Hot Dude. May 02, 2005
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a lovable girl who loves the outdoors. she isn't that affectionate but still loves you. she is quite shy at first but then she comes out her shell and doesn't shut up. she can be very honest without knowing she has offend somebody.
everyone should be like Jordi
by Idroj June 05, 2016
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- Strong looking guy. Fights back to anyone. Never give up. Always goes for his goals and his dreams.

- Good looking guy. Love s todo flirt and gets any girl he wants.
- Does not Care about being popular.
- And loves to playa sports (Baseball) (Football)
- Jordi knows how todo fight

- He is cute and good sin bed.
- Born siner.
- Mostly a ganster man.
- A Jordi is loyal and its smart to the game.
- Jordi lovethat girl he's never going to let her go he is to Loyal.
by Jordi: January 03, 2015
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A adorable boy that's birthday is in July but doesn't really celebrate it. He is very smart and he has limit friends because he hates when a lot of people talk about him.
Frank- jordi is the smartest person i know

Steve- I know and he only has like 6 friends
by Medina12 November 07, 2012
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sexy blonde with blue eyes and a body like none other. she's beautiful all on her own, you don't need anything.
by Brett January 20, 2004
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