Brainstorming, during which brilliant ideas arise with such frequency and ferocity that correct spelling becomes unimportant as they are written down. (see also Maricrissing, the recording of minutes during a cerebrating session).
RPAP "Cerebrating" 37 years of business.
by Johnny One Hand January 23, 2009
Being very aware of a situation or circumstance to the point where it is over analyzed.
Quit being cerebral about kissing me, just do it!
by Geronimo1982 July 17, 2013
Intelligence; the state at which one's cerebral faculties function.
That professor has quite high cerebrality.
by Whoa-ho-ho-ho! September 13, 2006
cerebrity n (Lat. cerebrum, brain; cf. celebrity) Ð a brainy, cerebral person who is emotionally dry, detached and restrained; a famous, well-publicized intellectual.
I try to avoid meetings with such cerebrities. All they have to say is in their books.
by Mike December 31, 2004
1) To think about deeply

2) A Chinese celebration
Won Hung Low cerebrated about how to cerebrate his birthday.
by JB October 6, 2005
Absolute mind-fucking insanity. Having completely gone off the deep end. Akin to postal or mental, cerebral is a whole new dimension of bonkers.

Completely fucking psychotic.
"You hear the news? Dave and Jennifer finally had their kid. Problem is... the baby's black! Dave went fucking cerebral."
by HarvesterOfSorrow March 30, 2010