1. Past tense win
2. A ROBLOX user who's trying to say one in chat but the filter is stupid, so they say won ... Or maybe it just comes out as ###.
Beatrix: "I won!"
ROBLOXuser101xox: "won mor time ok i need 2 win xd"
by Wilted Roses June 16, 2019
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A man who is uber sexy, and gets all of the girls by buying them.

You can tell if you spot a Won online, for he will type out an Asian accent, and type improperly.
Guy 1: hey, hey guh! i buy u 1 dorra! 1 dorra good! i buy u!
Guy 2: Wow, what a Won!
by Nicodemus Ramirez July 3, 2010
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Shorter version of wong, which is a short version of wonga, ie money.
by Snowy (formally kilo lobo) August 27, 2003
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Soon to be replaced by Steam.
Playing FA on WON is way better than using Steam(ingpileofshit).
by The Observer December 10, 2003
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The past tense of WIN in League of Legends. Confirmed by many announcers during live events.
Announcers: "Let's talk to the team who wonned."
by Howii July 3, 2014
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