One of the major organs of the brain. Located just above the brain stem. Responsible for balance and coordination. Damage to this area may result in "drunk-walking", where patients cannot walk properly and look like they are intoxicated.
Doctor: This patient's brain damage seems to originate in the cerebellum
by hem135 March 15, 2007
Comical substitute word for oral sex; can also be described as cranium, skull, jaw, temple, neck, cerebrum, brain stem, etc.
I was drivin through Hellam while ma gave me that cerebellum.
by mikeyrow&grover March 22, 2007
Family-Knowledge-Brain&Skull-Exploding. Due to being too close to your family and or learning things about them that cause your brain&skull to explode.
"Dude my mom told me about the day she gave birth to me and I almost had a taxonomic-epistem-Cerebellum&Cranium-explosion"

"how'd he die?""He died from taxonomic-epistem-Cerebellum&Cranium-explosion because he was working on his family tree and found out he was related to James T. Kirk"
by GGfrmTX February 20, 2012