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American for 'flycatcher'.

See Ethiopian.
Them flies could be fuckin on the tips of their noses... them Ethuropians don't give a shit. They won't swat 'em.
by HarvesterOfSorrow January 15, 2009
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Yo yo yo, hook me up wid anutha chicken leg dog. Coodat. Chicken is da shit, yo... expecially wit wottamelon. Nommsayin? Bet.
by HarvesterOfSorrow December 18, 2003
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What everyone says but doesn't notice.

Close cousin to sevening.

Always follows "this".
I woke up with a huge boner this smorning.
by HarvesterOfSorrow October 8, 2008
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What everyone says but doesn't notice.

Close cousin to smorning.

Always follows "this".
I woke up with a huge boner this sevening.
by HarvesterOfSorrow October 8, 2008
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Superbouncing is a glitch in Halo 2 that, if done properly, causes the player to 'bounce' to an extreme height. 'Bungie', the game's developer, claims it's a glitch and unintentional, but many superbouncers believe otherwise. Whether intentional or accidental, superbouncing is an art.

Superbounces require that the player "crouch" or "charge" underneath slanted areas of the map that, when crouched under, the player releases the crouch button. If the player's character remains crouched on the screen after having released the crouch button, then the player is able to perform a superbounce.

(Note: Some bounces can be done without a crouch, but the probability is extremely low...)

After having crouched, the player must stay in motion, else the 'charge' is lost, forcing the player to find another crouch spot. Hitting the crouch button after having crouched will also kill the charge.

Every map in Halo 2 contains countless possible bounce locations, including the Campaign maps. To perform a superbounce, you need to find a place to walk or jump from that is taller than you are. Landing on edges and corners is your best bet. If you press the start button and go into your friends list, then back out again, for just a split second you'll be able to see the grid lines in the map. Landing on these lines is another great way to achieve a superbounce.

It helps to hold forward while beginning your jump over an edge. "Tapping" is another term used to describe in-air tactics, where the player taps in a certain direction before landing, sometimes tapping forward for the entire duration of the bounce.

"Double", "triple", "quad", or "chain" bounces can be performed in this way, either by tapping forward a few times before landing on an edge, or by holding forward for the duration of the flight. Hitting the landing surface at a specific angle can determine whether you make it or break it.

There are many different ways to achieve a superbounce, 'Partner Bouncing' being just one example, where two players work as a team. To learn more about superbouncing, Google the word "superbounce" and check out some of the great vids that the superbouncing community has painstakingly made for you.

You just might find yourself addicted.
Setting: Custom game

Noob: "Whoah! How'd you get up there?"

Bouncer: "I bounced."

Noob: "Sweet! Can you teach me to superbounce?"

Bouncer: *cringe* *wince*
by HarvesterOfSorrow June 4, 2007
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Easily the funniest adult-oriented cartoon ever made. Pure genius. Praise be to the boys of Dethklok.
If Metalocalypse doesn't make you laugh, nothing will.
by HarvesterOfSorrow January 23, 2007
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1. Any mexican you see while drunk.
2. A drunk mexican.
Aahhmm... *hiccup*... ozzgonnughh... goenneetzum mexamican food... *hiccup/belch*
Ohhsshhi-hhYYURRRAAAUUUGHHHH.... YEEUUAAAGGHHH... *cough belch*
Yyeeuwanna come? *hiccup*
by HarvesterOfSorrow December 27, 2005
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