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Absolute mind-fucking insanity. Having completely gone off the deep end. Akin to postal or mental, cerebral is a whole new dimension of bonkers.

Completely fucking psychotic.
"You hear the news? Dave and Jennifer finally had their kid. Problem is... the baby's black! Dave went fucking cerebral."
by HarvesterOfSorrow March 30, 2010
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Yo yo yo, hook me up wid anutha chicken leg dog. Coodat. Chicken is da shit, yo... expecially wit wottamelon. Nommsayin? Bet.
by HarvesterOfSorrow December 18, 2003
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The section between the snatch and the bunghole on a ho. Fun to nibble.
Pudendum, homie. Pudendum.
by HarvesterOfSorrow December 22, 2003
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-George Dubya Bush
by HarvesterOfSorrow December 27, 2005
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1.To Insult Someone who is being a dick, jerk, or just plain stupid

2.Another Insult To Bring Someone Down

3.Used To Tell Someone You Dont Like Them
1.Watch It Baxtard
2.Ashley Your A Fucking Baxtard
3.Ben Your Such A Baxtard
by HarvesterOfSorrow October 25, 2003
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What it will be if Obama becomes president of the United States. An Obama nation and an abomination.
"If Obama wins, it'll be an obamanation."
by HarvesterOfSorrow January 30, 2008
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By every definiton of the word.
The Meaning Of Life: You will be feed for that which you've fed.
by HarvesterOfSorrow February 26, 2006
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