A Turkish Name. It's short and to the point with a charisma. It represents the name of an intellectual Turkish person.
Girl: What's your name?
Guy: Cem.
Girl: Fuck me.....
by Turk March 2, 2004
Cem is the most amazing person in the world. He is also funny, smart, cute, and caring. Cem is very much loved and is the best person in the whole world. Nobody could ever compare to cem and how awesome he is. Cem enjoys being social, however he sticks to one girl. Cem will always make a person smile when their down. He is Turkish and British. Cem is also sexy and seductive.
by brooeyiscems December 12, 2012
Name of the first know Persian King he's also the creator of wine.
Hey did you hear about that name Cem?
Yea man he's a pretty hot name.
by nabucadnezzar June 27, 2009
Usually with a turkish background, and has hazel/brown eyes.

Has had a lot of trouble in the past, and doesn't seem to be looking forward to the future.

Hes the best to talk too.
He's so nice, and friendly and thoughtful. Although he does tend to come off as a bit rude sometimes, he makes up for it with his good hearted kindness.
He's the cutest kid, with a heart of gold.
He likes to make people smile, usually one girl in particular, and he succeds at that, even if she doesn't let on that hes making her smile.
Cem is the cutest!

I know, hes so sweet!
by lanie! July 15, 2012
HUGE penis, super hot, very tall, super muscular, good at everything basically.
"Cem is so sexy and has such a big penis"
by bigdikkdaddy August 2, 2021
The hottest boy alive.He attracts every girl with his charm and sexy body.And once a girl sees him she can never let go.
He must be Cem he is so hot!!
by thomasisthebest January 3, 2017
When you do not feel like doing anything. when completely and utterly lazy and anti-social
I was invited to amanda's party, but i felt like pulling a cem instead.

there is nothing better than being cem during school dayz
by Mr Chuanarrends December 5, 2009