A hoe’s favorite app on her phone.
Guy:Yo she has cashapp in her bio on insta!
His friend: Damn she is selling her pussy 🐱
by Urfluff April 25, 2020
Sky's the limit and them haters can't get past that — try and pay me, you can see me, just go find me on the cashapp.
by deion_day September 23, 2019
Exactly what you think it means, an app for your cash. A rival to Venmo, PayPal, etc.
guy 1: “How should I pay you?”

guy 2: “you can cashapp me, imma give you my acc name
by nlolhere July 27, 2020
Give your girlfriend, or wife, Boyfriend, husband some money but it can’t be over 50$
Her: Here sexy you deserve this 36 dollars for cashapp your bae day
Him: thanks bae.
by Toppi May 13, 2022
Something people with tons of money scam with and an app used to beg
Donate to my cashapp in my bio link in bio-emily
by Medjay June 27, 2022
Cash app your husband wife gf or bf some cash to make them feel good can’t be over 50$
by Toppi May 13, 2022