n. a smartphone application that allows friends to send money to one another

v. to send money
Austin: "Hey man, I paid for brunch with my card. Do you have Venmo?"
Trevor: "Hell yeah dude, everyone has that app. I'll Venmo you right now."
by eternalfantasi June 12, 2016
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to venmo. To send money, or ask for it, using the Venmo app.
When b*tches gettin yappy so you buy them drinks, but they stick you with the tab, you venmo that shit brah
by Giggity Greg February 15, 2018
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Venmo is a platform for people to exchange cash with any account they can get their hands on with zero consequences. It doesn’t really matter if you do it from your own account or if you steal someone’s phone and send their money, Venmo truly does not give a shit.
Christian notified Venmo that his phone stolen & someone sent $598.75 from his account to theirs. IE: stealing Christian’s money. Venmo called Christian a liar & denied his refund claim.
by 000055550000 November 23, 2021
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A social media version of PayPal that broadcasts your private payments to the entire world.
Guy #1: Dude, wanna buy some drugs? You can give me papers or Venmo me.
Guy #2: Sure, I would Venmo you, but I don't want everyone else to see.
Guy #1: Then give me papers, please.
by Skate finder January 3, 2021
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The alert from the actual person that cash has been sent through the Venmo app.
I just venmoed you that money.
by JayToTheDee August 23, 2019
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The act of sending a friend a venmo transaction.
I'm venmoing you now for the wine.
Thanks for venmoing me money for the photo album of our Peru trip!
by Stina Monte March 21, 2018
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The act of changing the name of the purpose of a venmo transaction to hide the reason the transaction was made. Generally used for narcotics transactions or other illegal purchases
Me: Hey dude, can you Venmo me $20 for those boomers?
Bill: Thing! I am going to Venmo launder it and call it tacos! I'll even add an avocado emoji
by Senor Dank Nugs October 16, 2021
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