A large indeterminate quantity of.

Synonymous with :

(truck/shed/shit/shelf)loads of, heaps of, masses of, piles of, mountains of, stacks of, oodles of, etc

Also see: wads of (cash), stashes of(money), barrels of (laughter/fun), bags of (fun/ money/ confidence).
"I can't come out tonight; I've got tons of work to do".
"There are tons of fun activities to do in Paris".
"Not only is she intelligent; she's got tons of confidence too".
by zimman August 2, 2005
when you pass out while your member is still inside of the female
dude, last night i was so hammered i accidentally ton ton-ed this chick
by moesofe February 12, 2009
Furry, white creature with spiral horns. Home planet of Hoth. A mix between a goat and a kangaroo.

1. A method of transportation in star wars: battlefront. Used in the icy tundras of Hoth to get around quickly. Very weak and prone to bouts of standing completely still trying to figure out how it survives without anything to eat but snow and ice.

2. A sleeping bag used to stay warm and cozy on the cold, wintry nights of Hoth. The problem with using a Ton-ton as a sleeping bag is that this often results in the death of the Ton-ton as vital organs and "stuff" gush out upon entering the gizzard of a Ton-ton. Also, the smell is pretty nasty, but what did you expect, a 4-star hotel?
1."OMFG!! 1t'5 4 FL337 0F 70N-70N!!"
"hey guys, let's give 'em a chance and ride in with Ton-ton's."

2."d00d! Fr33 M34l + C0zy 5L33P1NG 7h1NgY?1?!?1?! H0w 1 L0z3?"
"Hey! that my freikin Ton-ton! What are you...... o.O oh my god......"
by Bill Bailey December 19, 2005
To cut open a living being, usually an animal, and get inside to use their body heat for warmth. (Sometimes used as a angry threat to annoying people during times of extreme cold.)
Han Solo preformed an emergency ton-ton procedure using a lightsaber in order to keep Luke Skywalker alive on the frozen planet of Hoth.
by Trout Reagan May 26, 2007
100 - strangely, not 1000 - GB pounds sterling. Or any other currency for that matter.
from cockney dialect.
oi geez, lend us a ton?
by KRACKAA September 26, 2005
A-TON* is a half-breed wana be gangster who can't shoot straight 💯 and has no hustle so he has to Rob those that do 💯 just like a hos is a pig that don't fly straight 💯
Yo dog I think I saw that buster ass A-TON*at the mo mo last nite
by k187c September 30, 2021