People who are born in August are cute. They are so cool and chill but deep down crazy.
Person 1: when’s your birthday

Person 2 August 8th

Person 1: you must be cute
by Leo Vibessssss October 16, 2019
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People born on August 8th are beautiful, kind and will always have your back. They make the best best-friends and you can always have a laugh with them. They are very generous and loving souls who would happily donate a kidney for a friend who needed one. They are the mum friend of the group. They are always grumpy when they’re on their period but it’s just because they want chocolate.
Someone: Whats the date today?

You: August 8th.
by gemmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa October 15, 2019
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National Orgasm Day.
Everyone have sex on this day
Hey bro , my girl and i are having sex today its national orgasm day its august 8th
by tinachick July 6, 2011
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If your birthday is August 8th, your friends must by you sweets on that day. You may also ask for one thing off each of them and they shall give it to you
Person A: Can I have some skittles?

Person B: Why? Is Your birthday August 8th?

Person A: Yes!

Person B: Sure then!
by Lemon goddess 🍋 October 16, 2020
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August 8th is national go out clubbing day
Let’s go clubbing on August 8th
by I_am_1_fan_broski December 1, 2019
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A day when WEKI MEKI best Girl Group ever Exist debut.

They debut with Album WEME and Title Track "i don't like Your Girl Friend "
Person 1 : hey do you know when weki meki debut?

Person 2 : yeah its august 8th
by KI-LINGS May 11, 2020
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