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The year that keeps getting worse! Fires, war, coronavirus, the CCP, the death of your social life, and more!

...At least we have slightly better memes than the rest of the years...
2020 is the bane of my existence. The Internet is the only thing helping me during this time, except for the fact that it is seemingly almost impossible to not end up doomscrolling.

I just want to go on a vacation, man...
by nlolhere July 14, 2020
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A song that semi-famous rapper Tay-K made in 2017. Basically talked about him being a criminal, him killing people, and running from the police. It may seem like just a rap, but in reality it was basically a confession because he actually was a criminal and did kill a person. He also made the song while he was on the run from the po-po.

To make a long story short, he tried doing the race against the cops, failed, and is now serving a 55 year prison sentence. He’s already done 3 so far, but he’ll probably have been in there for more years if you’re reading this in the future.
“Fu-Fu-Fu-Fu-Fuck a beat I was tryna beat a case

But I ain’t beat that case, bitch I did the race”

-the race by tay k
by nlolhere July 14, 2020
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short for “do you want me to come over and eat your pussy til you cum on my face”.
Person 1: What should we do? I’m bored
Person 2: dywmtcoaeyptycomf?
Person 1: What?
Person 2: *sigh* Wanna eat me out and then cum on my face?
Person 1: ...Ok I guess
by nlolhere July 23, 2020
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That annoying ass key that happens to be positioned right above the enter key on the keyboard, so when you try clicking enter you get this shitty key.
(in online chat)

Person 1: hey what's up\
Person 2: why did u put a backslash at the end???
Person 1: damn it, it happened again\
by nlolhere July 15, 2020
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An alternate route in a Geometry Dash level that usually makes the level free or easier, and is mainly empty space. Secret ways are not usually the intended way to complete the level, and often go unnoticed by level creators who aren't paying attention.
I found a secret way in Dimension Machine! At the part near the end with the blocks you can go through, go down after the first set of blocks and the rest of the level is free!
by nlolhere July 14, 2021
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An event where you have to decide which moron is less braindead and has a slightly less retarded way of saving the world.
by nlolhere July 14, 2020
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