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1. Senseless pummeling of one's ass using an orange edible taproot.

2. Having the head of a flamboyant, curly-haired ginger shoved up your ass.

Related Form: Carrot Topping

a. 19th Century Amish festival featuring hundreds of carrots and a few dozen curious young men.
Awww shit! I know I'mma get carrot topped for skipping school last Thursday.
by Filthy Penguins March 16, 2010
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CARROT-TOPPED: Is when a girl on her menstural period rubs her pussy on your head scalp after you perform oral on wings.
Dick loved being "Carrot Topped" by Jane every time aunt flow came to town.

Jane loved to give all the boys "carrot tops" once a week every month.
by originalsinz69 March 06, 2010
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To lose a fight to a Ginger Haired male that used to be small/weedy in High School, but has now beefed up on the sauce (steroids), to become an even uglier looking Ginger, but with muscles and strength to boot. Said Beefcake lost all credits of being class clown.
"Wow, Chaz was so popular in school... I bet he didn't see himself being Carrot Topped by Schleprock Malone 10 years ago"

"Oh my God, that ugly fucking ginger haired freak was Carrot Topping that mofo!"
by Ginger_Lover March 07, 2010
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To send someone a link disguised as something innocent, such as cute animals, which in reality links to a disturbing picture of the new buff Carrot Top.
Me: Hey man, need cheering up? Check out these cute kittens:
Me: You have just been CARROT TOPPED!
by JOSakaRome March 18, 2010
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