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The annoying directioners. Normally between the ages of 8-12. A new directioner. A directioner who has just entered the fandom and feels as if they have to connect everyday words to one direction. Normal directioners will just ignore the use of the word "pussy" but carrots will automatically be like "ermahgerd hazza1!!1!!"
Girl 1: here's a spoon for your soup
Girl 2: oh my god Karen, you're so stupid, I can't use a spoon! Liam has a fear of spoons so I do to
Girl 1: stop being such a carrot
by tinaghevondian May 27, 2013
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Fans of One Direction who are typically under the age of 13 and still think that stupid, over used jokes are funny and use them on a daily basis. In public.
Carrot: I dont eat with spoons cause Liam doesnt!!!!!!1! VAS HAPPENIN! I eat carrots!!!11!
Me: Please shut up.
by WaddupMyBrotha August 09, 2012
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An orange veggie that all our parents made us eat as children telling us that it will help us see in the dark.
Child: "Mum, i'm done with dinner"
Mom: "Did you eat your carrots?"
Child: "No i dont like them."
Mom: "The will help you see in the dark."
Child: *jaw drops and shovels carrots into his/her mouth.*
by littlethinker May 14, 2013
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fans of one direction who are too naive and take everything that they boys jokes about literally
they dwell on the comments of youtube videos, twitter and occasionally the awful tumblr blog
"i dont use spoons because liam hates spoons"


"they're all straight"
by idkme November 01, 2012
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a vegetable, one of several that make for an excellent "penis". Available in various lengths and circumferences. Some have enticing "bumpies" on them for extra stimulation. Best washed and dried before use (who knows where they've been !) Similar to zuchini, cucumbers,leeks.
When she has to come home alone on Saturday night, she cozies up to her vegetable bin and chooses her mate from among the cucumbers, zuchini, carrots and leeks.
by Jake February 25, 2004
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A orange vegatable that are rich in vitamin K (good for your eyes, I think)
and is used as a dildo,
and used to teach naive girls how to give BJs.
Carrots may be good for your eyes, but they have many other uses.
by emma February 26, 2005
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The term carrots is derived from the expression 'noice carrots' which is used to describe something as very good. In turn the word carrots can also be used to describe somethin which is good but not exceptional. Carrots can also be used as a reply when something is recieved i.e instead of saying 'Thank You' you would say 'Carrots'. Carrots can also be used to describe something that is funny i.e that joke was carrots. To sum up 'Carrots' is a term used to describe positive things that make you/others happy.
Tick: did you just see that horse fall over?
Ho: Haha yeah that was carrots!
by hoeylad November 11, 2010
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