One having the penis the size of a prehistoric reptile, otherwise known as a dinosaur.
I knew after his dick hit water when he was shitting he was hung like a malone.
by Spy Fox February 8, 2010
A dying town in upstate New York. Called the Suboxone capital of New York by law enforcement, its main attractions are a decrepit hotel and the Walmart
If she comes from Malone, leave her alone.
by Labial Licker August 20, 2020
this has a number of different meanings:

1) Can be used as a general greeting of an odd, interesting, and/or manically behaving individual.

2) Or as a cry of disbelief or shock, usually after an unthoughtful or an over-provocative comment, sometimes sexual in nature.
1) Person1: Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is (insert name). Yours?

Hoonamoona Balloonamoo, which means the lover of all things four-legged and hairy, yet human-like.

You...are a Malone.

2) Person1:
What'd you do last night?

I had a three-way with your mother and 70 year old aunt...

by The Original Malone February 7, 2009
Man who spits on lasange whilst wearing female cuff links.

Also, a name used by females to describe a shocking kisser.
He maloned on my pasta!

That guy was a malone in the bedroom, so i dumped him!!
by kopingbob June 26, 2008
A loser; one who has strange one liners; a person you make fun of so that you feel better about yourself; a target of many jokes
Person 1: "That's so batman"
Person 2: What a Malone

Person 1: There was a smattering of them.
Person 2: What a Malone

Most famous Malone Saying: "You don't Malone me, I Malone you"
by verouchi August 9, 2013
Maloneing (Malone-ing) is an adjective used to describe the manly qualities displayed by former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Mark Malone. These qualities include, but are not limited to: growing a mustache, taking your coffee black, enjoying a cigar, and avoiding, at all costs, the use of ketchup on your hot dog.
I was Maloneing so hard the other day with my black coffee and cigar. I threw the ketchup over the fence at my buddy's cookout when he attempted to put it on his dog. Also, my mustache is coming in nicely and is demanding respect.
by ImAdamHawk September 25, 2013
A cute, kind girl in the Zelda series. Should belong with Link in Ocarina of Time. She looks adorable as a child, but becomes hot in seven years.
Malon's so precious, you just have to adore her.
by Chaos Breaker January 15, 2005