Patchy facial hair, excessive wearing of over-sized sweaters/hoodies, unkempt hair, owns weird quilts and a stegasauraus love oil burner, perhaps looks younger than true age. Often paired with "shy" in descriptions; potential.
"Some girly out there must be needy for a weedy, shy guy."- Flight of the Conchords
by Chicago, not New York October 16, 2007
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a 'weedy' is a another word for stoner , particularly a gay one. a gay stoner . now if you feel offended, don't worry you're in luck ! a 'weedster' is a hetero stoner . Now if you're bisexual or pansexual , you can classify as a weedy because we accept you
"Hunter and I are both Weedys"
by incesthiccqueen October 22, 2017
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stupid person who smokes pot in a school bathroom and get caught
Dude did u hear that Rdawg got caught with those weedys and has to go through all this poop????
by Sarah Cupcake October 22, 2007
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a play on the word 'weed', just with a touch of fun and silliness. often said while high, the vowels are often dragged out for emphasis.
Julius: you cats wanna smoke another bowl?
Brent: we've got plenty of weedis for that!
Olivia: yippee!
by chat rat January 22, 2013
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1. Sound of a bird singing.
2. A prison term meaning to tell or rat on another prisoner for breaking the rules.
3. Can also be used in an office setting for informing the boss of another employee's wrong doing.
"Man, Tyreese done went weedy weedy on me for making a shank out of my toothbrush."

"Geez, I hope Allen doesn't go weedy weedy on me for stealing these sweet-ass ink pens from the supply closet!"
by mmoss10 November 27, 2007
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A person or thing that smokes weed
"Yo is your friend over there a weedie?"
"Yeah man, he smokes all day eryday"
by bishfish42 August 6, 2017
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An attractive giggling person who smokes marijuana.
Jared: That girl is so cute and happy!
Tom: I know, she's such a weedie
by BlipBlopp January 11, 2010
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