the act of pretending to go to school but actually taking part in other uneducational activities
I caught my daughter skipping school with her boyfriend
by stackingmula November 7, 2014
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Hey everyone we should all skip school on November 29th 2019
Skip school today
by Just read November 21, 2019
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Skipping school is a day no one goes to school and stays home to have a party
Person 1: see you at the party
Person2: what party
Person1:it’s skip school day
Person 2: see you there
by Noschoollover October 29, 2019
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This 2019 dec 2 all students are skipping school on this day
“Hey mark are you going to do skip school day on December 2nd?”
“Yeah Rob I am are you?”
by Suc my pussy November 30, 2019
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Teacher: Where is everyone!?
Students: At home because it’s Skip School Day!
by Mars_Mallow November 11, 2019
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