Ok enough with sexual definitions for this man. They are disgusting & do not tell a new reader who Captain America is. Here goes accurate non sexual definition of this superhero. He is a fictional character in Marvel comic books. Joe Simon & Jack Kirby created him in Captain America Comics #1. Captain America was a patriotic supersoldier fighting Axis powers of World War II & Marvel's most popular character in WWII.

Wears a costume with American flag motif & a nearly indestructible shield he throws at foes. Usually alter ego of Steve Rogers, a frail man enhanced by an serum to aid US in WWII. In 1945, he was trapped in ice & survived in suspended animation until revival in present day. He remains respected in his community & became long-time Avengers leader.
First Marvel Comics hero with media outside comics with 1944 movie, Captain America. Been in other media,like the MCU portrayed by Chris Evans.
No superhuman powers, but through Super-Soldier Serum & "Vita-Ray", he is at zenith of natural human potential. Rogers' body replenishes super-soldier serum; it remains. In canon, he's one of the best hand-to-hand combatants in Marvel Universe. Formula enhances all metabolic functions & prevents build-up of fatigue poisons in his muscles, for endurance far above an ordinary human. This causes extraordinary feats, like bench pressing 1200 lbs & running a mile in 73 seconds. Captain is resistant to hypnosis or gases which limit focus.
That's the correct definition of Captain America, folks. If u want to read stories starring him, head to ur local comic store or online to buy his Marvel Comics issues.
by Fabulous Max October 4, 2017
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Abstaining from sex until you are 90 years old, then banging a 20 year old chick.
Tim: My grandpa's gross. He slept with my girlfriend's sister.
Alan: He sounds like a real Captain America
by SovietRyan April 20, 2015
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Is when the male sex partner picks up the female, throws her like a boomerang shield and catches her with his penis on her return
by overcocky April 30, 2014
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An advanced technique of table hockey, in which a player throws his or her mallet, similar to how Captain America throws his shield, at an unprotected puck lying close to the opposing player's goal. Opinions on the legality of this technique vary: some say the mallet crossing the halfway line is an illegal move, but others contend that while the mallet is in motion, the throwing player's hands do not cross the line.
"Dude, you just Captain America'd that ho!"
by Captain America Ho September 25, 2009
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When your engaging in intercourse with a girl, releasing your seamen into the condom, removing the condom and then swinging over your head, striking her in the face and then procaliming "JUSTICE!"
1) Last night was my first Captain America.
by The Escalade crew September 20, 2006
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big buff patriotic roid-monkey from the 40’s
The Roid Monkey could be Captain America
by JesusInAVan September 28, 2020
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