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just a frisbee for a kid with no friends.
John doe: Hey wanna go play with my boomerang?
John doe: Hey, stop talking to your self loser...
by Ask For Arsenal March 05, 2009
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Marginalized Orientations, Gender identities, And Intersex. it’s meant to be an all inclusive umbrella term for asexuals, homosexuals, multisexuals, trans people, and intersex people. Alternative to LGBTQIAP+
Alternative to MOGII, easier to pronounce.
The MOGAI community in my city is very friendly.
by sebasty September 04, 2014
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A guy or a girl that you slept or sleep with, and ignore him or her after you have sex, only to have them comeback for more without you making any effort. Kinda like a boomerang, you throw it away, but it always comes back to you.
O her?....Shes just a boomerang
by Afromian November 28, 2010
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An insult that is coated as a joke, which is sent to the recipient, and then withdrawn (taken back) afterwards; claiming it wasn't intended as an insult.
Girl : "Well we all agree that Becky is such a slut."
Becky: "Excuse me!?"
Girl: "I'm just joking!"
Becky: "Don't be throwing boomerangs bitch; you ain't playin'!"
by Joborule March 16, 2017
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A polished piece of wood used by native Australians, aboriginals , aboriginies for hunting and or sport. The sport boomerang is the type which returns to the thrower, the hunting type which is lopsided, does not return.
What do you call a boomerang that does not come back to you?
A stick
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
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Retail Salesperson with an uncanny ability to sale shit that always seems to be returned within 24 hours.

Symptoms of this type of salesperson vary, and may include, but are not limited to: store making $35000 worth of sales by noon but only actually being scored as having $15000 worth, the line at customer service being three times as long as the line any department on the sales floor, and the registers at Customer Service running out of change hours before the registers at any of the front registers.
Salesperson#1: "What?!"
Manager#1: "PHIL! He's managed another $1500 boomerang!"
by THE D.C.I. August 09, 2010
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A awesome channel that airs old rerun shows such as the power puff girls, Dexter's laboratory, Johnny Bravo and Teen Titans. Brings back old memories from your childhood Way better than Cartoon Network.
Person 1: I hate cartoon network. It sucks!!
Person 2: Have you watched boomerang? It has reruns of Johnny Bravo, Dexter's lab and even Teen Titans.

Person 1: Awesome!! Let's watch it!!
by Countrygirl May 04, 2013
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