A beautiful country with long, deserted golden beaches.....
...deserted due to the huge numbers of landmines.
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Where your Nike shoes and IPhone 7s are made
Friend: I wonder where my Jordans were made, hopefully in the US
Me: Most likely in a sweatshop in Cambodia
by Captain_Cancer September 27, 2017
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A very busy and hectic situation or place.

A high level of activity focused in a small area.
There are so many people in the bar - it is Cambodia!
by Aces and Eights February 12, 2007
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My wife's main Cambodia is her pussy, but her tits are also a Cambodia.
by tittyforpleasurez January 24, 2012
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Although poor in economic, Cambodia is one of the most beautiful, peaceful country this entire d!mn world.
by AhKaDuiMaeVia April 20, 2004
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I will leave this shithole that I call the USA and live in Cambodia. A wicked sweet country where the women are hot and the men are complete dorks. A sure bet for a white guy to get laid.
If I bring a hundred dollars to Cambodia, I could get laid 20 times. KICK ASS!!!!
by Budwise August 24, 2005
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