Getting approval from your wife / spouse so that you could go out to have a drink or have fun with your friends.
Bob: Hey Mick, want to join me and Danny for a drink tonight? It's Monday Night Football man.

Mick: Sorry man, No visa from my wife until I install the wall shelf

Bob: *grins*
by Uncle Rocco February 03, 2008
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To swipe your hand through someones ass like you would swipe a visa card.
"I really don't want to turn around and or bend over"
"why not?"
"Rob Schneider will probably visa me"
by Jimmy-jim-jim-bob October 07, 2008
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A term foreign to most Africans that refers to the papers of entry required for living in a country.Most people usually sneak into the country by boat by-bassing this form of required status. see also,"Immigration" "Nigeria" and "Fresh off the boat"
"If you dont have a visa you can't come to England no more rye.If you get one entry you better make sure, you no run way...."

Sung to the tune of Amore,from the play Passa Passa
by Jar Jar Bing May 18, 2006
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Visa is a nice girl she’s goofy and sweet and loyal and very impatient she’s the greatest friend you’ll ever have and she is always a great listener but remember don’t take her for granted bc she hates fake people
You are
Lucky to have a visa
by Shinzo778 November 23, 2018
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