a game that always fucks you over what was once fun is now shit cause the maps get very old after a while. the only way to have fun in cod 4 is when you block doors another fun move is in District in the house that has that room with a stair way next to it that leads to nothing stand in the doorway in that room and your team will keep spawning in there as someone menchend in halo 3 you get killed by five year olds in cod 4 you get killed by 12 year olds that spam grenades that your guy can throw over 2 buildings bounce 300 ft then blow up right next to you
AFFLICT: wow thats gay

Project_74: what happend?

AFFLICT: i was hit by my own grenade that bounced of 50 things and just happend to land right next to me the physics in this game sucks

Project_74: holy fucking shit i was just killed from behind a fucking brick wall and the guy who killed me was spamming a m16 while spinning in circles

AFFLICT: thats stupid fuck cod 5 and Call of Duty 4 lets get LBP and the new Lord of the Rings game!

by Bubba Jenny November 08, 2008
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The most unrealistic, "realuistic shooter".The game consists of soldiers running around throwing grenades any direction they please and pretending to aim when killing enemys. Players will stop playing games that take some SKILL to play this game because, while they suck at games like halo any person who just picks up the games and plays online for the first time can get 20 plus kills in a team deathmatch game if u just pretend to aim your gun and grenades and then proceed to brag about how badass they are. almost 90% of people will not have mics to comunicate some stratagy with their teamates this is mainly because no stratagy is required to play.
Educated gamer: Hey why did you stop playing Halo.

COD fag: because Halo sucks and i'm so much better at COD 4.

Educated gamer: So just because you are bad at halo that must mean it sucks?

COD 4: ya the sheild is so stupid and its so hard to get headshots all the time. And in real life soliders aim for the body not the head cuz its bigger.

Educated gamer: So you perfeer to play a game like cod so u can get 20 kills in a match and feel like a badass while in halo you would get like 1 killl every 5 or 10. the reason you suck at halo is because you dont comunicate with teamates and use stratgey. instead you will just run out and get raped by everyone you see. and you complain about the amount of shots u need to kill someone but you have no idea that you only need 3 shots to the head to kill someone with the battle rifle. You wouldn't know that because you never bother to use any skill and shoot people in the head.

Cod fag: (now crying and desperate for a shitty aregument) but Cods more realistic and has better maps.

Educated gamer: the whole point of videogames is not to be realistic, but they are soposed to be fun and be competitive at the same time. Cod 4 is no fun because it takes no skill at all to play. And the maps are so small that they you can throw random nades in the air and get up to 6 kills from 1 or 3 nades. Also you can tell the developers took no time to make the multiplayer maps because you can find every single on in the campaign mode. so when you pay for the multiplayer maps you are paying someone to press copy and paste.

Cod fag: Shut up you play Halo and Gears.

Educated gamer: Whatever Call Of Duty 4 sucks.
by Lol rofl March 26, 2009
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The most overrated game in the history of video gaming.
Noob/Casual/Mainstream Gamer: OMFG liek call of duty 4 is da best game evar made!1 olol xbox rulz
Hardcore/Old School Gamer: No it isn't. It does nothing that other shooters haven't done before million times already. You idiots just think it's a great game because it has shiny graphics, it's popular and the reviewers praise it.
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To have anal sex.
Usually used as a Joke
friend "are you Call of Duty 4 -ing"
friend2 "Top screen or bottom screen?"
YOU "I hate you guys"
by Emilyogo April 04, 2008
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