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A cartoon that was awesome. Especially the early seasons where Peter was still retarded, but didn't act all childish, Brian was the voice of reason for Peter instead of a liberal douche, Stewie being evil and wanting to kill Lois, Cleveland was around, and Lois wasn't a terrible mother.
Person 1: Wanna watch some Family Guy?

Person 2: If you're talking the earlier seasons, for sure!
by Maya Butreeks May 13, 2021
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Even more delusional than Anti-Vaxxers. They think that wearing a mask "Infringes On Their Rights".

Wearing a mask is a way to protect you so you don't get infected with coronavirus.

Me: (Shoots mask cannon at anti masker)

Anti-Masker: (dies from suffocation)
by Maya Butreeks April 29, 2021
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A hilarious YouTuber who makes reviews on video games. Especially Nintendo and PlayStation (2 of my favorite things).

He makes fun of Peppa Pig and reviews Phoenix Games.
Beaker's nose falls off

Caddicarus: CHRIST ON A BIKE!!!
by Maya Butreeks April 25, 2021
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An asshole douchebag who hates on popular stuff and anyone who enjoys it to inflate their ego because they think it makes them look cool and edgy. For example, look at Reddit and 4chan. They're full of trend haters. If you have a contradictory opinion on anything they hate like Fortnite, they'll do one of 3 things.

1. They'll Dox you

2. They'll send death threats towards you

3. They'll try to force their opinion on you.

If you hate a trend, fine. But that dosen't mean go nuclear when someone has an opinion on popular stuff contradictory to your own.
If you're one of those death threat sending Trend Hater trolls, shame on you.
by Maya Butreeks March 12, 2021
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Enough to hold your entire childhood. Especially on GameCube, PS1, and PS2.
Anyone remember when 8MB Memory cards could hold a lot of game saves?
by Maya Butreeks February 3, 2021
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"These Donuts Are Great! Jelly Filled Are My Favorite! Nothing Beats A Jelly Filled Donut!"

by Maya Butreeks April 6, 2021
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