A killing game is when you have 16 Students with unique talents -also known as Ultimates or SHSL- in one area with no exits and force them to kill each other. When it inevitably happens, a monochromatic bear forces you to investigate the crime scene, interrogate your best friend, and participate in a class trial. There, you figure out who is the blackened who committed the crime and condem them to an execution which is weird and fucked up. This goes on for five chapters then the sixth is for figuring out the mastermind of the killing game where you figure out that it's been Junko Enoshima all along.
God fucking damnit this bitch died in the first Killing Game, so why is she back?!?!
by CarterEudoxin December 24, 2017
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(gerund) Typically used to describe a practice or process that makes competing in a given industry unfair for other participants. Superior qualities/abilities are usually attributed with someone killing the game.
Yahoo should get out of search. Google is "killing the game".
by purplecow_nj1 May 31, 2007
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setting a goal and accomplishing said goal. success is achieved when you kill the game. can be used for multiple situations
aye nick, see that girl over there? im bout to kill the game.

son, ima kill the game on this quiznos.
by dannybrown March 30, 2010
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When someone is looking really cute or fly
Wow ! She is looking really cute today! She's killed the game alright!
by Penissuckerx69 April 01, 2018
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Making sure you comment and like on every facebook post that you see. The relevance of the comment is not necessary and neither are others acknowledgment of said comment. It is necessary to always be on facebook to be killing the game.
Ben: Damn Lauren, have you been on facebook today?
Lauren: Yeah, Brian is totally killing the game
by failedatkillingthegame October 07, 2013
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When friend will not leave you and a member of the opposite sex time alone. Thus causing frustration.

See also cock block
Dude Dirkamo Dustin is such a game kill!!!
by oh my dawg June 19, 2006
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some one who comes un-invited to places where people do not want this person. A loser who watches movies all day and goes on myspace because no one wants to be around him/her
Dustin ross came to mcdonalds un-invited so we had to leave because he is gay and no one likes him(GAME KILL)
by allie hughes June 21, 2006
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