When a girl says she is going to be gone for either 5 or 10 minutes, and you can't decide whether you have time to crank one off or not.
Girl: Hey babe, ima run next door. I'll be back in 5 or 10

Man: Damnit, Which is it gonna be?
by DaisyCutterz November 22, 2011
In reference to the amount of jail time you will recieve if you bang an underage girl.
Car salesman #1: That bitch is hot!
Car Salesman #2: Yeah, too bad she's a 5 to 10.
by woody May 26, 2003
The rule to limit the number of curse words and insults you can use while playing a video game, such as Halo 3.
5 curse words to 10 insults or 5c=10i. So 2c=i.
This means if in one game of somthing you insult somone 10 times you can no longer insult or curse at them. Exception: If you use a combonation of insults and curses and it is 2 curses and 5 insults AND you are winning the game then TWO additional insults or ONE additional curse may be used, this is referred to as the PWNAGE exeption.
Guy 1: And your mom is a...
Guy 2: STOP! You already cursed 3 times and insulted people 4 times! Don't break the 5 to 10 rule!
Guy 1: You Ba...
Guy 2:NO! You alredy cursed 2 times and insulted people 5 times! Don't break the 5 to 10 rule!
Guy 1: But I am winning, so I can curse again due to the PWNAGE exeption.
by NOBOYMBOYDBOYSCNNB November 15, 2007
The age used to refer to girls that are under the age of 18, no matter how old they look, to refer to the jail time one would get from having sex with them.

dude 1: OH MAN! check out that hot chick over there.

dude 2: no way man, shes 5-10

dude 1: What? she has to be at least 16...

dude 2: no man, 5-10, trust me.
by playdohjesus February 8, 2009
A big penis in reference to weight or girth. Refer to wood on a bed picture for a visual image.
Did you sleep with Tony last night?

“Yeah, he had that 5-10 Lbs
by LonnieMobile November 12, 2020
"coleimps 5:10" is a made up bible part for "nicole" @sheinafor3ign on ig.
anyone who compliments nicole is a believer in coleimps 5:10 💪🏼

the word "simp" and the name "nicole" = coleimps
"i believe in coleimps 5:10 amen"
"i read coleimps bible part everyday"
"may people who like nicole have a blessed day amen"

"im a believer in coleimps"
by fourthy3 May 13, 2021