Treyarch is a video game developer who partakes in the Call of Duty series. They are commonly known for being the "cleanup guys"; They develop a game in the series, thus fixing any problems or avoiding/removing dislikable features that were in Infinity Ward's recent Call of Duty, hoping it will be a better experience for players.

Treyarch are heavily frowned upon and hated by Call of Duty fans, believing Infinity Ward are much better, however many fans of the series have moved over to Treyarch's side after Modern Warfare 2 was ruined by hacking, modding and glitching.

(Before November 9th 2010) - Currently they are working on a new game in the series "Black Ops". It appears to have much more enhanced features than the prior Call of Duty games, including extensive customisation and personalisation.

(During or after November 9th 2010) - Their recent game in the series is "Black Ops".
"Black Ops sucks" - A Treyarch hater's in-depth review of Black Ops 3 months before it's release.
by dfsfdsf August 30, 2010
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The worst game developer of all time. Totally ruined the Call of Duty series.
"Call of Duty is sick, too bad Treyarch ruined the series.."
"Infinity Ward FTW"
by Dick Baker February 9, 2008
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an egomaniacal video game company that ruins the Call of Duty name. You're only good for Nazi Zombies and barely that now. Nobody likes how anal you are about your small patches of stuff that make the game better, but not fixing your fail at the corner system. And I especially hate how Hardline Pro can only change Care Packages, not SAM turrets or Sentry Guns.

PS I'm trading it in soon
Treyarch fan"Im going to Play some Black Ops"

Normal Person "I traded that game in, i was tired of getting patches every day"

Treyarch fan "your probably just mad because you suck"

normal person "No Im mad because of how much Treyarch Sucks"
by Just A Koala December 18, 2010
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The ones who ruined CoD's Multiplayer in Black Ops with the following top ten changes..............

1. Cannot earn a killstreak reward by ketting kills with another killstreak reward
2. Cannot carry shotguns as secondary
3. Cannot go prone unless you are like 10 feet from a wall.
4. Cannot equip two attachments on pistols with Warlord Pro.
5. No "Ultimate Killstreak" like the Nuke in MW2.
6. Player can drive an exploding RC car killstreak without actually seeing where it is at.
7. Overpowered and full-auto FAMAS.
8. Lack of period-accurate shotguns like the Remington 870.
9. One visual model for all aircraft killstreaks (i.e. Spetsnaz can call in an SR-71 and U.S. can call in an Mi-24 Hind.)
10. Ability to scavenge exploding crossbow bolts, but an inability to scavenge noob tube and rocket-based ammunition.
Treyarch -- Turning people violent since November 9th, 2010.
by AL_PS3 June 30, 2011
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1) A term used to describe inconsistencies and epic fails in any game made by the company, Treyarch.

When such things happens a person becomes enraged with the game they are playing, but passively put it off knowing they have been Treyarched.

2) The art of being trolled by the company Treyarch.

A. Prolonged exposure to being Treyarched can lead to multiple rages and the buying of many controllers. If your friend suffers from being Treyarched, it is best to get him away from the game as soon as possible, or he will become medically insane.
Dude wtf!? How did i hit him when my aim was off, but when I followed him perfectly none of my rounds hit and he killed me? I just got Treyarched man.
by IxFuriousJxI April 16, 2011
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1. To make a mistake; bungle something.
2. A failure, someone who got really messes up.

The word comes from Treyarch, game company who fucks up all the time starting sometimes after the release of the great Call Of Duty United Offensive.

Current Treyarched PC games include (non-exhaustive):

- Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty World At War, Quantum of Solace;
Its treyarched man ....forget it!
This game's been treyarched! Its not working....
by Michael_john February 9, 2009
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