Term used to describe something which allows you to feel satisfied or relaxed.
I was feeling cold so I took a warm bath for the body.
by grakstar July 17, 2018
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a sad homage to overpopulation, that can be stated when in a "sardine" type situation ( ie: crowds, traffic, TOO SMALL venues, e.t.c. (live music venues that have everything but SPACE!)

the statement can be finished ('garnished') with: everybody's making MORE, except crazy (title/name HERE)
did you hear?, jan is PREGGERS! (Bodies!, Bodies!, Bodies!...shakes head sadly !)

there can NEVER be enough humans, YES!, Bodies!, Bodies!, Bodies!

the body makers @ U.D. HATED my statement: Bodies!, Bodies!, Bodies! !!
by michael foolsley July 15, 2022
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A Person of great sexual traits. Willing to engage in sex at any time.
That girl is Body Body
by Fox March 10, 2003
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Bodied it is a term that comes from the original bodied, meaning killed or destroyed something. Bodied it means to succeed or nail something, much like killed it for example.
Marvin: how’d you do on final exam Carl?

Carl: I bodied it bro!
Marvin: I’m so happy for you!
by Cursed human February 15, 2020
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When someone gets utterly destroyed in something they are competing at. The FGC (Fighting Game Community) uses this word to describe a beating a player has taken.
(while playing Ultra Street Fighter 4) Holy shit dude! That dude got fucking bodied!
by FET4L FURY October 11, 2015
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Slang word meaning killed or murdered
That nigga got bodied for for fuckin this dudes chick....
by Meat August 2, 2003
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