Certified Expert Penetration Tester. Computer security professionals who specialize in the offensive, intrusive and evasive methods, techniques and strategies within the field. The red team. These people usually work for big companies or as private contractors. They get paid to break into computer systems and networks in order to expose and patch weaknesses and vulnerabilities. In other words, your worst nightmare.
Don't mess with that dudes computer, man! He's a CEPT and will therefor probably hack your ass and manage to penetrate your mom at the same time!

The blue team collectively shat their pants when a CEPT showed up to the CTF.
by ¢€¶+ July 29, 2012
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Apocalypse: Hurry up and join!
Nemesis: I would 'cept I'm downloading.
by dukenemesis March 4, 2009
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kiwi slang

short for except
for lazy talkers
you fullas can come cept them ganstas
by physiKARL August 9, 2005
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London slang, usually north/ east sides.
- v. meaning 'allow' but in the sense of a command. eg. 'cept me' would mean 'allow me to have' or 'give me'.
(derived from 'accept')
: cept me the zut bro
by Judge Fudge December 29, 2005
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Well, this word basically means excepts, but if your a redneck or don't like using two syllable words, this is the word for you.
I was walking down the road one day, cepts I did't have any shoes on.
by B-Rock June 11, 2004
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An adjective describing something as extremely cool that no normal human can achieve; can refer to music, clothes, people, etc.
1. Ain't nobody 'Cept Won as cool as me. My clothes are so fresh and so clean clean.

2. Yo foo, that steroids system is so 'Cept Won.
by Sigma Prime February 19, 2015
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Cept services is a loving legit giver on twitter my 2 favourites are him and Nico_Mackenley they are both nice and kind and loving
by Fenkle December 28, 2019
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